Alternative to unsecured JOBS | Secured and Good Returns 2019

Business Opportunity in Bangalore
foco model franchise in india

Alternative to unsecured JOBS | Secured and Good Returns 2019

Alternative to job

Alternative options that are just super interesting can promise a good returns on investment !

High Touch Store in Bangalore | Chennai | Pune | Hyderabad

Who it suits: A love for interaction with people, a streak for experimentation and great social skills.

If you are a expert in convincing and who likes to experiment with different skills, this is the for you! You can head over here to kickstart your own High Touch Stores

Profit:  can easily make Rs 1 lakh per month. If you decide to open your own High Touch Store near you location, then sky is the limit, of course!

Initial Setup will be done by the company | It’s a FOCO Franchise Model | “FOCO offers better value for both the franchisee and consumer with better buying power, consolidation etc. Moreover, HTS franchisee can focus their energies on the promotion and sales, leaving the operation and logistics to the brand company.

FOCO model emerges as the more feasible and profitable venture because on one hand, the franchisee gets its proceeds sharing with participating in the minimal business operations

Business Opportunity in Bangalore

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