Benefits of High Touch Stores with Newtech

We endeavor to make your business start-up easier, here are some of the benefits we have identified, for opening your own High Touch Stores:

We create a steady foundation for the business

This includes conducting market research into what people want from a Signage and Printing company, identifying key products
your customers will want, and the ideal structure for building a business designed to succeed.

Reduced risk in business start-up

Our proven business model works! With 20+ Arts N Prints centers operating across India, including 6+ in the Bangalore, be assured that the model we have developed works. Don’t depend on the old trial and error methods.

No need to have prior experience in the industry

We have the previous experience – years of it – so you can learn everything you need to know from us, for your new business

No need to have relevant certificates or qualifications

We have identified the best form of training, and within HTS investment comes all the training one will need. From customer service, to staff management; from identifying the right solutions for customers, to operationally creating the final product, we cover all areas.

Support from our end at every step of the way

Knowing where to start with opening own business can be daunting, but with our support, receive the low down from finding the right premises, special rates to fit it out, marketing and promotion for grand opening, and everything in between and thereafter.

We welcome everybody to join Arts N Prints family

Starting a business, often means one has to work it all out. When you join Newtech, you join a global family who offer their support and friendship.

Stay ahead of the competition

As soon as HTS initiates,  earning will start in exclusive locations, using the power of the Arts N Prints brand. Customers can differentiate the quality you offer, allowing you to build a strong business.

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